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Our group own offshore manufacturing premises as well as utilising Australian made facilities which gives us ownership across the entire process from design through to delivery of your product. We have total control to enable you to enjoy the best yarns, consistent colour, high performance standards, contemporary designs, the best fit and superior levels of manufacture. All garments and processes are continually tested and reviewed to ensure the highest standards in the school uniform market.

Our facility is ISO rated, we have obtained ISO9001 (which is quality assurance) and ISO14001 (environmental standards). We abide by the labour standards established by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in relation to human rights and environmental sustainability at all stages of our supply chain. This code of conduct extends to our own factory and any of the 3rd party vendors, factories and sub-contractors used. Furthermore we are a signatory to the Australia Fairwear Program, a community campaign which addresses exploitation of home-based textile and clothing workers in Australia.

We meet all legal standards for consumer health and safety, our fabrics do not have any chemical products added, and we test for Azo Dyes and Formaldehyde. We also adhere to the European coloration standards which meet the highest levels of harmful or toxic substances.

Our in-house quality assurance team work tirelessly to ensure all products are colour fast and durable so that we are catering for wear and tear and laundering of our products throughout the school year. We are confident that given our dedication to quality raw materials, any garment you purchase will be of the highest quality.